It had been quite long since responsive web designs had been making up a prominent place in the Industry. However, there are still a lot of business owners, unaware of how responsive website designs could help them and their undertakings flourish.

It’s not surprising how mobiles and tablets have found their ways into lifestyles; accomplishing tasks that had been the matter of only desktops so far. Well, if nothing did that so long, this discussion is surely going to help.

If you’re still living within the mist of “What is a Responsive Design?” Let’s know it in brief. A responsive design generally implies that the web pages format themselves to bring up a better user experience as per the device that’s being used. The major advantage of a responsive website design is that it would incorporate great user experiences irrespective of the fact that it’s being operated on a desktop, mobile or table. All you will need is a single design that works well with all types of users.

Why do you need a responsive website design?

Of course, the above-mentioned reasons aren’t enough to convince you to start working on a responsive design. However here are some that would surely do.

  • Increasing use of mobiles and tablets

This would certainly need the least explanation. Just take a look around you will hardly find any individual without their mobiles. Gone are the days when you will have to sit at a place with your desktop clarifying matters online. In the era where everything is available on your fingertips and a few clicks, responsive websites are absolutely important to let your business reach out to better horizons.

  • Google Recommendations

Responsive website designs had been recommended by Google considering the fact that it can help improving SEO for your website. While dealing with responsive websites Google finds it easy to crawl and index a single URL instead of multiple occurrences. Since they offer better user experience they tend to be the first mentions in the list of best picks.

  • Improved page load time on mobiles

Loading desktop applications on mobiles takes longer than general. Obviously, this would be really annoying for visitors and that isn’t favorable for your business. As per Google Page Speed Developers web pages should load within a second or two on mobile devices. A visitor who has to wait longer than this would probably prefer leaving the website.

  • One website, one URL

There would be different ways in which you reach out to new traffic. There are possibilities that users may use different devices at different times to reach you. A responsive design will certainly be helpful in keeping up the experiences they’ve received earlier. This is just another way to leave a better impression on your visitors and customers.

  • Improved SEO

Not to anyone’s surprise, a website extending perfect users experience, well-defined elements and acceptable page loading time will always make a better place in the search engine rankings. You no longer require maintaining multiple websites and multiple other elements to keep things going well. All you need to do is focus on the marketing of that one website and get better results.

  • Improve Local Search Rankings

Google suggests that websites that are mobile optimized and responsive end up getting better positions in localized searches. This is surely a great factor for creating a healthy business environment around your place.

  • Improved Mobile SEO

Having a different website for mobiles poses you with the need to make separate efforts to improve its SEO insights. They often do not rank well being canonicalized to the desktop website. With the need of doing SEO for a single website, you will be able to get expected returns within least efforts.

  • Lower Bounce Rate

Even if your website is performing well in the case of rankings, the fact that it’s not responsive may affect the feedbacks for it on mobiles. And this is likely to affect the bounce rate for your website. A responsive website design will always combat these issues by bringing expected results for your website and business.

  • Consolidates Analytics

Using a single responsive website will reduce a lot of work for you. You will no longer need to track conversion paths, user journeys, redirections and funnels that may prevail among your multiple websites. You may utilize the various efficient analytics tools available.

  • Less content curation

Like it is always said content is the most important SEO element. Improving search engine rankings is subjected to smart and good quality content creation. Maintaining a single responsive website would be far easier than working it out for different websites.

  • Save time and costs

Undeniably, a getting a single solution for different tasks to be done is going to lower a lot of your burden. All your resources are very precious. Managing things via a single website is going to save you a lot of time and other costs.

  • Improved Conversion Rates

Websites with smooth performance are perfect to incorporate and attain positive responses to CTAs. This would be really helpful in turning more visitors to your website into potential customers.

  • Better Page Sharing Experience

Having a single website makes it easy to manage share, interact and engage users. Everything this way would be cleaner, simple and sophisticated. You can at least be at ease knowing the fact that it’s going to perform as expected on the various platforms you have shared it.

  • Impactful Social Shares

When a single URL is shared on social platforms, it’s going to bring on similar experiences irrespective of the devices they’re being operated on. Also, they are clear and easy to navigate.

  • Good for social channels

Improved user experience implies that the users would be able to reach and contact you easily. There may be many aspects that the users would have to complain about. When they have an easy way of doing this, they will not end up posting complains on your public pages. This is indeed important to keep up a healthy image of your business.

  • Enhanced Offline Browsing

A responsive website is a great support for audience across different devices. With the capabilities of HTML 5 websites tend to become very easily accessible. With the probability of more HTML 5 tablets being into use in future, this could be something really important.

  • Easy Management

Maintaining different websites for desktops and mobiles is likely to increase the amount of work to be done. It will not only take more time but will also require you to find and work on more strategies. This would cause a mere wastage of time, money and efforts. A single responsive website, in that case, is the best solution to all problems.

  • Consolidated Reports

You will not have to conduct analytics differently for different websites and this would condense and shorten the reports for the same. Instead of having a bundle of things to handle you’d be able to make out things within a single report.

  • User Experience and feedback

A smooth working website will certainly let the user get a better user experience and that is probably all they are looking for. When you provide the users with whatever they need, you invite good name and reputation for your business.

  • Keep your place in the competition

To keep up a better place in the industry, evolution is imperative. While you had been trying your best to bring about positive changes in your business procedures, a responsive website design could be the most considerable one.

In the era where mobiles are the new trends, and you are required to address implications like visibility on search engines, development and maintenance costs, conversion rates etc, responsive website design could be the best guide taking you through the most relevant business insights.