What is the most important page on an eCommerce website?
Is it the home page? The category page? Nope.

It is the product page. Think about it. This is the page where the end game starts. Before reaching the product page, the customer is not going to pay a lot of attention to the home or search page (well, users will pay attention to those as well, so don’t neglect those pages), but it is the product pages where they will really look at each and every content on the page, from images to the words, before finally making a decision. And if you can’t design a killer product page, then you lose the chance of increasing sales on the website.

So how to design a killer product page during eCommerce web development? Here are a few tips, make sure to take notes.

1. Good product photography

What’s the first thing the user is going to see when they enter the product page?
The user is going to notice the merchandise image before noticing anything else on the page, and that’s why it is crucial that the page contains high caliber, accurate, and plenty of images. This will not only help in engaging the users but increase sales as well. Users can be better persuaded to buy something that looks of excellent quality. And that’s why eCommerce web developers need to include high caliber and accurate images of the merchandise.

2. Clear CTA button

What is the point of having a product page if there is no clear CTA button?

A product page is created so that the user can take the action of buying something on the website. And if the eCommerce product page design does not have a CTA button, then it is missing a major feature important for revenue generation. So ensure that when choosing an eCommerce web development company, they have enough experience in designing compelling web pages with perfect CTA placement.

3. Clear product description (including variants)

Including the list of variants on a merchandise page is a smart eCommerce website design move that helps the users to find the right thing immediately. Including the different colors, types and designs of the same thing on the same page and giving the users to choose from them without having to switch to another page is going to save a lot of time, and in return, users would be more likely to come back to the website again.

4. Seller description list out payment options, EMI details, etc

The financial information on the product matters a lot when it comes to making a decision. And that is why an eCommerce product designer should include the following details about the product-

I) Seller information
II) Price
III) Payment option (COD, credit and debit cards, online payments, etc.)
IV) EMI details

Failing to include this information on the website during eCommerce web design and development might cause the user to be suspicious of the product and the website, and they might leave altogether, never to come back. So ensure that the product page is transparent when it comes to payment information.

5. Don’t make it cluttered

There is one type of product page all users hate, and that is a cluttered product page.

There is already plenty of important data that needs to be on the merchandise page, and adding any excess details on top of it will make it cluttered and overwhelm the users. So what’s the solution for this eCommerce website product page design issue?
Simple, unclutter the page. Take note of all the important information the user might need to make a purchasing decision and then get rid of the surplus information. This way one will not only achieve a perfectly optimized page design but also highlight the important information on the page. And for more information on how to declutter the product page, consult any experienced eCommerce web design company.

6. Add a review section

The user wants to know the product they want to buy is good or not. While online shopping is easy enough, there is always the chance of getting faulty products that can be a cause of much unrest among the user base.
And that’s why in retail website design, the product page needs a review section. The users who have already bought the product can leave reviews on the quality of the product, delivery services, as well as the seller and price information. This will create a sense of transparency on the web page that will go a long way to increase user trust. And for this, you should look for a web design agency based on major cities like New York, experience in dealing with eCommerce web development.

Wrapping Up: Designing A Killer Ecommerce Product Page

As we already talked before, the product page design of an eCommerce website is probably the most important page on the entire website. This is the website where all the revenue generation actions happen. And that’s why optimizing the web page to increase its effectiveness is an important thing that you absolutely need to do if you want to make the eCommerce website successful.

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