We’ve been looking to the future for years, forecasting how new technologies, and networks can impact the market. Certainly, the cutting edge examples demonstrate interesting possibilities and opportunities in the marketing platforms.

We can see the tremendous influence that digital marketing has had in the past decade, and more in 2021. Among all other digital marketing platforms, the value of email marketing is greater than ever before. When thinking about email marketing in 2021; artificial intelligence has to be a part of it.

The New Trump-Card in Email Marketing

Modern marketing depends on a comprehensive understanding of consumer needs and desires along with the ability to respond promptly and efficiently to the information. Thus, the use of AI in marketing got huge recognition. Undoubtedly we can say artificial intelligence will be the trump-card in email marketing.

Like several other markets, email marketing has also undergone steaming transitions by AI-powered technologies. AI has been crucial for consumer personalization, data collection, and effective marketing solutions for the last few years. Regardless of the industries, companies are eager to learn and practice AI technologies to improve email marketing strategies.

How AI can Reshape Email Marketing?

With artificial intelligence, email campaigning became more distinct and tailored. As the value of AI in email marketing is proliferating; leaders and marketers have to come up with distinct approaches that could be relevant for the brands.

AI technology is incredibly useful as it can process data even more quickly than a human being. Marketing AI also helps marketers to quickly understand which elements of an email campaign work and which need to be changed. Since AI technology is growing rapidly, it will guide the email campaigning in various ways.

To build a strong subject line:

The subject line of an email has considerable significance in the aspect of email campaigns. A successful email subject line will stand out in the mailbox of the recipient, encouraging them to click through and read the text. On the other hand, the incorrect subject line would be scrolled over and skipped, or viewed as spam and trapped in the junk folder.

It takes a professional copywriter to come up with a catchy subject line if the marketer practices the conventional form of email marketing. But AI is going to make things more comfortable and easy. The various algorithm used by AI would generate an attractive subject line that attracts the targeted audience and results in higher click-through rates.

Engagebay reported 64% of the people said, they open emails based on the relevance of the subject line. A study by OptinMonster has stated that 47% of email recipients decide to open an email based on the subject line, and 69% of the recipients stated, they have reported emails solely based on the subject lines. These statistics make you believe in the subject line; effortlessly you can catch the attention of the recipients with a subject line.

AI can determine the appropriate time to send an email

Time is the most significant aspect that marketers need to consider before they send an email. The average time an American spends reading and answering emails is 11.2 hours a week. Marketers would also be mindful of the pacing. It is a task for marketers to find out the timing of each prospect. AI tools like Seventh Sense will help marketers send emails at the right time.

Allowing greater personalization in marketing with AI

The Contentstack report found that 53 percent of marketers said that personalizing email communication with customers resulted in a small to substantial lift in revenue. Generic or non-personalized emails are longer attracts audiences.

The basic level of personalization is popular in email marketing, but AI has increased the possibilities for customized email marketing. By using complex algorithms, customer data, and machine learning would help marketers understand future behavior based on past interactions and data trends. Through using AI, the marketers can suggest the products to particular customers based on the interest. It would help marketers to create personalized messages.

Another study from OptinMonster has stated 90% of marketers strongly believe that personalization can define the future.

Artificial intelligence boosts email marketing in two main forms:

Increase the ROI: AI-powered email marketing solutions can improve open rates and click rates, it can help you make more revenue out of email and deliver more returns from time spent on email marketing campaigns.

Decrease Cost: AI-powered email platforms also make designing successful campaigns simpler, stronger, and cheaper, significantly reducing the amount of time it takes the staff to create content for digital marketing programs. The initial capital for AI email marketing tools would be high, but it can assist the marketers to generate effective campaigns as planned.

A few tools that can bring your email marketing to the next level:


Boomtrain is a marketing tool that uses AI to automatically configure user content, which most likely improves clicks, interaction, and sales.

This technology replaces the manual work usually done to segment prospects and selects suitable, relevant material. Boomtrain analyzes the behavior of users (from website interactions, emails, mobile phones, etc.) to provide a unique contact of the prospect to boost engagement with them.

Finance Online reported the Boomtrain price accordingly; $1,000 per month for marketing automation plan and $2,500 per month to get marketing automation + AI plans.


Another AI tool Phrasee focuses more on email marketing optimization. It will generate and optimize the subject line, which can increase the open rates, click and convert. Phrasee will beat humans 98% time. It will act as the company’s voice to converse with the audience effectively. Phrasee became the best copywriter in the market.

Answer Boat

The Answer Boat is designed for answering customer’s questions using a combination of machine learning. This multilingual AI tool will provide answers to customers 24/7; it can release the customer support team from answering complex questions and improve customer relations.

Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense, an AI tool for HubSpot and Marketo users, track how prospects and customers communicate with you and use this data to create the optimal delivery time for each email sent. Seventh Sense may also increase or decrease the number and frequency of emails sent to avoid email fatigue by looking at the interaction pattern.

AI in Data Sourcing

Souring data may be a challenge for leaders. Seeking or creating error-free data would be time-consuming. It needs more staff; moreover, we can’t guarantee the full consistency of the results. Here is the importance of AI. AI will improve the tedious tasks and provide additional insight into the procurement experts about an extremely complex and large set of data.

AI can ensure the marketers accurate business data along with increasing transparency of cost with a greater level of automation. The AI will assist the marketers and leaders in data clustering to combine the data intelligently.

AI in a NutShell

With AI, the marketing field is rising rapidly. Implementing AI technologies in email marketing would never mislead marketers. AI technologies can reduce human brain use but it can work better than a human brain.

The market pattern would be the minimum use of manpower and the optimum use of AI in the coming years. The livelihood of many marketers would be affected. Since learning AI technologies and having a hand on AI experience will be a key move for marketers and businesses to move into the AI market.

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