Social media is one of the biggest giants of the 21st century, and it is sometimes even hard to imagine our world today without it. Social media is where people build their online profile and identity, and this helps them establish a public reputation in whatever manner or field they wish to do so in. In this piece, we are going to look through how social media can be used to build your personal brand online. The first thing you need to do is understand the way that you currently appear online. So, if someone was to Google your name and location, what are they going to see?

Most likely, people will see a couple of your social media profiles and maybe a picture or two from your appearance on a website or in an article once or twice. The best way to initially increase your appearance in these searches is to be more active on their platforms. Your social media interaction and activity will have an automatic domino effect on your appearance at the top of search results. The most important thing to remember is that everything you do online will turn into a reflection of your own personal brand. Be aware of this in all that you do on social media and online.

1: Set out and Understand Your Objective

The most important thing you need to do is set out and understand exactly what you want to achieve by tailoring your branding and public image on social media. What is your goal when you achieve optimum social branding status and personal search engine optimization? If your goal is to promote yourself and increase your social media status solely, you will need to use different tactics then if you were wanting to promote your brand image for potential clients or employers to see. The way you are going to promote yourself and how you will build your personal branding on social media all depends on what the eventual desired outcome is.

2: Figure out Your Three Areas of Expertise & Focus on Them

Think about your personal skills and what makes you, you. What do you want your personal branding to represent and what do you want the public world to know you for? It is sometimes hard to stand out and look unique on an internet full of people who all have special skills, some probably similar to your own. Whatever your interests or special skills are, make sure you do not advertise more than three. A large range of skills will not attract people, it will drive them away.

3: Collate & List Your Profile Links

People may be initially attracted to the image you display and your social media profiles but may not know how to get connected with you or in touch. There are a couple websites which allow you to collate all your connected links and profiles into one page for people to access quickly and easily. If you possess a large number of websites, links, or social media profiles; these are a great idea.

4: Curate & Tailor Your Own Positioning Statement

A positioning statement is an introductory text talking a bit about who you are and what you stand for. Although positioning statements are not typically used to promote and advertise people and instead for businesses, this time you can curate one for yourself. Through this, you can position yourself and promote your own personal brand. A positioning statement can be anything from a quick bio in a social media profile to an introductory page on a website.

5: Be Consistent in the Curation of your Branded Image

This is such a crucial one when it comes to curating your brand image and ensuring that your look and feel is consistent across all channels. You need to decide incredibly early on what your brand is going to look like; and this needs to include color, style, font choices, style, and other bits and bobs. For example, if you decide to set up a Facebook page based around one particular color scheme or style; you need to ensure that this is carried across all of your webpages, social media profiles, and platforms.

6: Own Every Version of Your Name, Everywhere This may seem strange at first glance; but you need to ensure that you own your name, everywhere. You need to own every variation of your name, reserve it on every website and every platform. If your name and ‘brand’ is already taken, consider an alteration or variation on the names of your pages. No one will be able to find you or recognize what you stand for if your name is hidden in 600 other pages which look and feel or are named exactly the same as your own.

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Kendra Beckley is an online blogger and business development manager and editor for Write my research proposal. She enjoys helping young people understand the inter-workings of the online world and assisting companies in building online profiles.

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