From daily commodities to household expenses, everything around us seems to be getting more expensive. While several factors affect the economy, you need to look for other ways to earn more money. Whether you will use it for your school requirements or personal wants, you can create your own stream of income. One of the best ways to do this is by launching a small business.

Even as a college student, you are more than capable of starting and managing a small business. Your current responsibilities should not hinder you from achieving your financial goals, which might someday result in your success. If you think you cannot do it alone, you can ask your family and friends to help you in this endeavor. In this article, you will see seven business ideas for college students that you can start as soon as possible.

Residential Cleaning Service

People nowadays are becoming busier with their work. With their greater desire to earn money and buy their wants, they must strive hard to maintain or level up their careers. This makes them neglect to do necessary household chores, like washing dishes or cleaning the house. While these tasks seem simple, they cannot allot time to do these as it may compromise their time for work. Moreover, some families with working parents and small children will struggle to keep their houses clean.

Therefore, you can take advantage of these trends and think of cleaning services as a viable business to start in college. If you do not have partners to work with, you can provide your services as an individual first. You can ask your friends if they need help with housekeeping or know someone who needs it. But if you have partners, you can work together and form a small company that hires potential employees.

Essay Writing Service

As a student, you understand how difficult it is to juggle several school works in a short amount of time. Even if you manage your time well, you are bound to sacrifice to get them done, especially writing tasks. Because they are time-consuming, they need to dedicate a long time to finish them. However, some students cannot afford to do this because they have other responsibilities, like part-time jobs or extracurricular activities.

Therefore, some students prefer to ask someone else to write for them instead. They look for people who are available to work on their assignments. If you have extra time, you can start a ‘write my essay’ business with your friends or classmates. You can work on different tasks given by high school or college students. But you must ensure that you can deliver excellent outputs to keep your business thriving. If it grows, you can hire professional writers to be part of your team.

Transportation & Delivery

Even before the pandemic started, e-commerce has already been making huge strides in the business industry. From food delivery to online shopping, people can buy almost anything on the internet. With the convenience it brings to the public, it continues to grow, and more businesses are open to widening their reach. Another great thing it does to our society is providing more job opportunities for others. If you want to have another source of income, you can venture into delivery services.

Moreover, you can try to start a transportation service, especially if you live in the city. Many people would prefer to use their smartphones to quickly book a ride to the place they wish to go. This can also be convenient to those who cannot use public transportation and big families. So if you own a car, you can offer your services to people who want to book a solo ride or carpool.

Child Caretaker

Are you familiar with the book series called The Baby-Sitters Club? It tells a story of a group of young girls who started a club that offers babysitting services in their community. If middle schoolers can take care of a child, so can you. In your spare time, you can ask parents around your area if they need someone to look after their kids. This allows them to do other activities and have leisure time which would be impossible with their kids.

It is one of the low-cost business ideas because you do not have to buy anything before starting. You can read some tips on taking care of a baby, toddler, or child. Because they have varied needs, you must know the basics before offering your services. If you have friends who need extra money too, you can invite them to be part of your team, just like the girls of The Baby-Sitters Club. You will not only earn a few bucks but also learn about taking care of children and interacting with them.

Event Promoter or Organizer

College is one of the best parts of your student life. It is because many groups and clubs organize various activities for students to widen their social circle. Their goal is to attract many students to participate in their programs, like concerts and fairs. However, they would need someone to promote their events to reach more students. You can maximize this opportunity by being an event promoter. Using your marketing skills, you can create posters or advertisements to engage more people.

Furthermore, you can be an event organizer if you are great at planning activities. Your job is to connect your client with different people they need for their events. You are supposed to look for hosts, bands, sound system providers, and more. So before starting, you must have a wide range of connections with people providing their services to college events.


You know how difficult it can be to study without supervision or guidance. Many students nowadays struggle with their academics because of various reasons. They might have other inclinations or strengths, like music or sports. Moreover, they may not be capable of understanding their teacher’s explanation during the class. Whatever reason they have, you can be a great help to them if you become their tutor.

Because you are already in college, you already know the concepts and lessons they are studying. If math or science is your strong suit, you can tutor high school students with their higher math classes. If you are excellent in languages, you can prepare sample tests and activities. Also, you can provide writing help to those who struggle with accomplishing their writing tasks.


You might think that you need excellent math and accounting skills to offer bookkeeping services. However, it is not necessary to have accounting or finance degrees to be a bookkeeper. You just need to have commendable computer skills, the ability to solve problems, and a willingness to learn.

Because businesses must have bookkeeping records, they are constantly looking for someone to do this for them. For small companies, it may be costly to employ a professional, so they tend to hire college students instead. To get started, you can promote your services through your school bulletins or online job listings.

In conclusion, there are several college business ideas that you can venture into to earn money for your expenses. You can offer residential cleaning services, essay writing services, transportation, and delivery services. Furthermore, you can be a child caretaker, tutor, event promoter, organizer, or bookkeeper. Whatever you choose, ensure that you have the skills and motivation to start and keep going.

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