An HR or human resource plan is one of the hardest things to come up with. While this typically flies under the radar when it comes to importance, the truth is that a good and sound HR plan will be one of the company’s foundations. An ineffective one can lead to a business’s demise. It is that important.

Infographics are fast becoming the tool of choice for human resource managers. When creating materials for strategic human resource planning, infographic templates are fast becoming the go-to solution. These exciting tools are entertaining, easy to follow, and very much effective.

But how exactly do you create an effective and engaging hr infographic? This is the big question that we are about to answer.

What is an HR Plan?

Hold on a minute! Before we answer the question of how to make an hr plan, we must first need to find out what exactly it is. First of all, let’s talk about HR managers and their responsibilities in taking care of the troops, so to speak. 

HR managers should be able to anticipate workforce requirements in terms of talent needed, skills, and the current situation of the market. They are also in charge of ensuring that the companies’ current and future workplace is well-equipped to handle the company’s goals and future growth.

Now here is where a strategic human resource plan comes to play.

While different companies differ in the exact meaning of this, an HR plan is generally accepted as three things. Here they are:

  • An HR plan is valuable to a business because it helps them get a steady supply of skilled and talented employees and, in the process, avoid employee surpluses or shortages.
  • It also helps the company achieve peak productivity with optimal consistency.
  • A good HR plan should be able to do the following: keep track of the current supply of workers, determining the state and future of the company’s workforce, and developing various HR plans that support the company’s objectives.

Now that we know the top goals of an hr plan, let’s try to determine how a human resource management infographic will help you create a successful one. Here are some of the best ones.

Human resource management process infographic template

Every HR manager should not be caught without this one! A human resource management process infographic basically streamlines the process to ensure that every company hiring undergoes the companies’ strict guidelines. It also makes sure that each newly hired personnel will be properly equipped for the job.

Lastly, it also allows the HR team to understand what the company needs them to execute. It ensures that the HR team’s decisions and processes are in line with the company’s situation, needs, and growth.

Our six-step template (you can customize this one however you want) is already a general view of an entire HR plan. The infographic format makes it easier for you and your team (as well as future HR managers of the company) to understand their role perfectly.

If you want to learn how to make an HR plan easily, I suggest starting with this one.

New hire first day infographic template

One of the biggest problems of the modern workplace is making sure that every newly hired employee will have a productive first day. I mean, how many new hires have you seen twiddling their thumbs, looking clueless with nothing to do on the first day of work. Look, no one really wants that. Normally, fresh employees like to make a good impression at least.

Plus, this makes the HR team look like they are not doing their jobs right. It gives people the impression of how unprepared they are. And of course, this scenario is a bad look for the company overall.

Give this template a try, and you won’t regret it. Infographics like this are useful to make both your HR team and new employees understand how to get prepared and even comfortable on their first day. A good first-day infographic should always be part of any good hr plan.

Steps that you can put on this one? How to properly welcome your employee like meet and greets or fun welcome packs. Plus other stuff like settling any legal paperwork, scheduling training programs or distribution of modules, and learning about the company’s organization.

Start them off the right way!

Look, 99.9 percent of people I know hate one thing about their jobs; the dreaded training seminar. I can almost hear the collective groans in the room right now every time it is announced. Modules can sometimes get boring and too wordy, and presentation videos often lack pizzaz. The results are collateral and materials that are uninteresting, boring, and unfortunately wildly ineffective. Now, there goes three straight hours with employees just looking at the clock and not learning much.

Infographics can greatly help with this. Just look at the template above about how to be a better manager. The information written is short and goes straight to the point. It just effectively tells us what a manager is, why they need to improve, and how they can do this. The snappy graphics and icons also allow employees to grasp the content easily.

Infographics are important when it comes to a robust hr plan. Here are some training need ideas that you will crush by using infographics:

  • Fire and earthquake drills
  • How to send effective emails
  • How to manage your team
  • Effective Sales Tips
  • Office etiquette
  • Safety in the Workplace
  • How to handle customer complaints
  • How to file a complaint
  • Company rules and regulations

There are a thousand more of these in our database. Check out good ideas with our Venngage infographic templates!

Talent sourcing, recruiting & hiring trend infographic

Another critical work that HR teams must do is making sure their talent sourcing strategies are strong. Infographics can help them achieve this by making sure their guidelines and criteria are clear, concise, and easy to execute. Above is a good example of an infographic template that can do this.

The template tells the HR team current trends and stats for effective hiring. This is something that HR teams must continuously research and update to keep up with the current economic and market climate. It also allows them to make sure that each hire reflects the company’s needs and goals.

New protocol guidelines

This one is virtually overlooked. Sometimes companies need to adapt fast, and that means changes in work protocols that can be sudden. New work protocols can be temporary or permanent.

Case in point, the Covid-19 pandemic suddenly had businesses scrambling for WFH solutions. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a quick and effective way to let employees know about the guidelines of what is expected from them with this new set-up?

Infographics are the best way to do this. It is easy to create, easily digestible information, and it can be quickly sent via email, chat, or posted on the company’s social media pages or website.

The same can be said about emergencies that will require quite a handful of information. Infographics are great tools for situations like these.

HR plus infographics equates to success!

HR is constantly an underrated part of the success of a company. A huge part of what makes businesses thrive is their workers’ talent, culture, and skill. And without a good human resource team that handles this load, there is no way for a company to reach bigger heights,

The HR’s job is pretty tough. That is why learning how to make an HR plan is one of the biggest priorities of their job. Using infographics to achieve this makes it all easier! It is the beacon that will guide the entire ship on its course.