Search Engine Optimization (SEO) remains a powerful tool in digital marketing campaigns to achieve search rankings on Google and improved traffic. Various SEO elements such as website optimization and keyword ranking can allow you to be up to date with techniques and trends in the market. 

The basic SEO marketing strategy is to follow SEO copywriting rules and ensure that keywords are part body copy and meta descriptions. Read on to understand other aspects of SEO to increase your web traffic. 

Importance of SEO

SEO is important because it offers fast, user-friendly, and the best user experiences to boost your business. Search engines direct people to the results they are interested in and cause them to visit your website again and again.

People trust results from a search engine, so SEO marketing is a powerful way to make your business rank highly on search engines. If the customers share the recommendation about your business reputation through social media, you attract more customers and subsequently expand the business. 

SEO services bring customers who are actively searching for your products- there is no need to make further efforts to attract them. Thus, it is easier to convert their web visits into sales. Even if customers don’t convert on their first visits, an SEO service agency can give you insights into the best ways to optimize your website. 

SEO services can also increase your usability, credibility, and visibility, leading to increased site traffic. A marketing agency can enable you to understand your customers using various tools, including Google Analytics. This could let you understand your target market, improve marketing strategies and provide relevant products or services.  

The working of SEO

SEO marketing incorporates human and technical aspects to attain optimal sales results. Search engines look for basics as well as indicators that a website is being updated and maintained regularly.

Since search engines, including Google, go beyond the keywords, an important part of the SEO process is page optimization. Auditing tools like Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics help to guide this process. 

Therefore, if you want to improve your search rankings on Google, begin with website optimization. Check if there are any obvious errors on your web pages, such as broken links and cases of outdated information or poor content.

Google Analytics are great tools for identifying web pages with the most organic traffic and low bounce rates. Find out what your web visitors are most interested in, whether it is more information, clear calls to action, improved images. 

Replicating the popular aspects on other web pages may give you immediate results. Thereafter, you may need to use Google Webmaster Tools (Google search console) to find out the popular search queries on your site. 

Use Google Search console together with Google Analytics to optimize your content marketing strategy. You may create some pages dedicated to particular services or products, featuring online buying opportunities, strong call-to-action, telephone, and email contact details, among others. 

Defining the search engine optimization goals is the basis of boosting web traffic, and the best way to evaluate performance is by using web analytics. Crazy Egg tool may also help you to know where your visitors are mostly clicking and how they are engaging with your brand. 

Improving sales through SEO

Big brands and small businesses can benefit from SEO with the help of SEO services agencies. Coming up with products or services that people want is the beginning of creating demand for your brand. 

Since SEO digital marketing can bring new visitors to your website faster and cost-effectively, it is an effective sales tool for your business. With billions of searches being conducted via Google daily, it means that your prospective customers could be looking for your brand.

When the SEO rankings put your brand on top, this translates to more traffic, more leads, and increased sales. Mobile searches for services and products result in higher purchases, which means that you need to make your online ads mobile-friendly. 

Some of the ways to improve sales through SEO includes:

  • Grow audience through social media. Social media is an effective way to reach and grow audiences because many consumers are leveraging these platforms to engage with their favorite brands.
  • Use on-page SEOOn-page SEO enhances the user-friendliness of your site and makes it easier for the search engines to create indexes for the web pages.
  • Create an integrated marketing strategy. Boosting your sales with SEO requires creating a workable strategy that integrates various digital marketing components. This includes engaging a team that is familiar with the SEO best practices.
  • Create powerful content. Keywords will work best if you have content that is valuable to your target audience. Create great content in the form of blogs, infographics, videos, animations, podcasts, lists, e-books, user-generated content, among others.

Effective marketing through SEO can enable your business to compete with large established companies as a result of increased sales. 

Removing things that can slow down your website

The speed of a web page is a critical element of increasing web traffic. Customers are looking for fast-loading sites to engage with a brand, so you have to pay attention to your site’s speed.

A slow webpage is frustrating and can discourage people from completing a purchase because they may regard the site to be untrustworthy. If your web pages are slow, you are losing out on organic listings no matter how good your content is. 

Use appropriate tools and plugins to remove any non-essential elements that could slow down your website. Decluttering your sidebar and putting only important widgets is also a good way to improve the website speed.

Too many extensions and plugins could slow down your web browser because they use system resources that could cause crashes and bags. Extensions are good because they increase the browser’s features, but it is essential to run an audit to remove the ones you no longer need. Update the remaining extensions regularly to ensure that they are working properly and are free from errors. 

As your web continues running, your browser caches or collects some files to enhance the browsing speed. Occasionally clear out the cookies and cache to increase the speed of your website and improve customer experiences. 

Write for people before writing for search engines

Keywords are not the only important elements of creating valuable and engaging content for the web. Instead of trying to manipulate search engines, capitalize on long-tail keywords and address “real” people.

Search spiders are scripts and not the real buyers- they cannot engage with your brand on social media, neither can they become loyal. When writing, you need to create helpful content and assume that search engines such as Google don’t exist. 

Google treats the authority and trust of your domain and the words that describe your content as indicators of relevance and quality. Thanks to social media platforms and blogging, more and more people can pinpoint what is relevant to them by linking to it. 

By putting your users first, you will create helpful content that the search engines reward. Search engines follow users and not the other way, so build trust with your audience and enhance their experiences before thinking about SEO optimization. 

Write unique meta descriptions and use a simple URL structure

The first part that web users see when they visit your site is the meta descriptionSearch engines don’t like duplicate content and you could easily be penalized for doing so. Sometimes it may be necessary to cite a sentence or a paragraph from another source but publishing duplicate content could hinder your long-term success.

Duplicate meta descriptions are equally bad because even if they don’t amount to immediate penalties, they could compromise user experiences. For instance, topics on making sales and those on email marketing are different, so they require distinct meta descriptions. 

As a WordPress, you could sort out duplicate meta descriptions by using Yoast plugins or All-In-One-SEO Pack. In the WordPress editor, go to the bottom of your webpage and ad a relevant and unique title tag followed by a meta description.

Another thing to remember is that search engines are looking for URLs that users can read and understand. URL should be short and easy to understand for both search engines and users- it should have characters and numbers rather than just dashes and words. 

The URL should tell the users what to expect from your content and should be as simple as possible. Include two to four words in the URL to make it memorable to your users and user-friendly to the search engine. Instead of dashes, use hyphens or dashes to separate words in URL because Google algorithm was designed to read hyphens and dashes, and not underscores. 


SEO is an excellent strategy to grow traffic, increase competitiveness, and subsequently return on investment. In addition to your SEO spending, creating quality and relevant content for your website is also critical to attaining long-term success. Having a team that understands the SEO basics will help you to attain visibility, credibility, traffic, and brand value. For organic traffic increase, go beyond the SEO basics and explore what your competitors are not doing.


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