Email marketing is one of the best online marketing strategies for brands that wish to grow in their niche and achieve goals. It is a cost-effective means to communicate with current and prospective customers and promote your brand.

Given the expected return on investment after using email marketing, many marketers are constantly leveraging this approach. Here are five successful email marketing strategies you can implement to quickly attract customers to your business and increase the market share.

Segment email subscribers

Segmenting the database can make your email marketing campaigns more targeted to the audience. Use segmentation as a personalization approach to deliver relevant email messages to your subscribers according to their interests, buying history, geographic location, gender, age, and so on.

Segments can allow you as a marketer to address the specific needs of the subscribers and facilitate customer satisfaction. All your subscribers should not receive the same email content but they should receive that which is relevant to them. If you make such a mistake, chances are that many of them will end up trashing the messages.

Here are some of the best ways to segment your email list

  • B2B email segmentation. Your business is integrated with others by way of providing services of selling goods to them. Since different entities have unique requirements, you need to send content to each category targeting managers, IT specialists, administrative assistants, and so on.
  • Behavior-specific segmentation. This relates to segmenting the email based on how long the audience takes on a web page, the pages viewed, and the frequency of visits.
  • Geographic segmentation. This is a very common way of segmenting emails. For example, if you want to host an important event, sending email content to people within your locality and beyond may increase the reach.
  • Content-specific segmentation. This kind of segmentation is based on data gathered regarding specific contacts. This data may relate to the pages customers visited, the content they downloaded, tools used to download content, and so on.

Personalize the email message

Personalizing messages does not mean sending a specific message to every subscriber. It means using customer data to create and send a personalized message. One brand that has successfully used email personalization is Amazon. The company uses personalization to create an excellent customer experience by allowing the customers to build relationships and trust with the brand.

Personalization is an excellent way of getting new customers because when you address the subscribers by name, this gives them a sense of entitlement. The personalized subject lines can increase the email open rates and subsequently convert prospects into buyers.

Besides addressing subscribers by name, you can also seek relevant information in advance. Effective personalization starts before hitting the “send” button. The signup forms should have a space where subscribers can fill in their personal details such as name, location, and company.

A real reply-to email address can enable your readers to respond to your messages and engage with you. Another personalization approach is to use a real email signature. Have the contact details attached to the signature and allow the readers to contact or connect with you on need. This is a great way to establish a solid relationship with them.

Leverage user-generated content

One of the most effective ways of encouraging engagement in email marketing campaigns is by asking customers to send the UGC. This allows your customers to interact with your brand and influences prospects to buy. UGC can convince customers to buy than the brand or company photos.

Promoting hashtags in all your emails is an effective way to use the UGC strategy. Ask the customers to post their hashtagged photos on their social media pages using your brand.

Customer reviews can also enhance your UGC email marketing campaigns. Positive reviews are a valuable means of social proof because many customers trust reviews they access online. Online reviews are like product recommendations from friends and can influence the customers’ buying behaviors.

Get positive online reviews and feature the testimonials to get more leads. You can find reviews by sending emails to customers who interact with your brand, but be sure to check the email address validity before clicking the “send” button. After delivering the product to your customers, give them enough time to familiarize themselves with your brand before requesting reviews. You can also use the negative reviews positively by responding to them to demonstrate your commitment to meeting their needs.

Send emails accessible via mobile phones

Many marketing emails are opened via mobile phones. Sending emails to subscribers who regularly use their phones to access messages is not enough. You also need to send messages that are optimized for their devices to minimize the chances of unsubscribing or deleting.

Sending mobile-friendly messages that are optimized for the devices can lead to revenue generation due to increased open rates. Many smartphone users are likely to make at least a purchase after reading promotional emails. B2B companies optimize their emails for mobile devices and this leads to significant email performance.

One of the ways of optimizing emails for mobile devices is by using a responsive email template. Responsive templates are created to automatically work on users’ screens for ease of viewing. You should be able to see the email the way it will appear when viewed on a PC, tablet, or smartphone.

You may also need to avoid overdesigning the messages with many images or embedding large files because this may increase the loading time. In addition to this, pay attention to the label marked “from”, preheader text, and the subject line. Focus on grabbing the readers’ attention by making every character and word count.

Breaking up text may also enable you to optimize emails for mobile devices. This means putting relevant information first and avoiding congesting links and using long paragraphs. Since some readers may be on the go, they may easily be distracted if you fail to get to the point immediately.

Test the emails

Whether it is testing landing pages, the home page, or email templates, this may provide data to guide you in making practical decisions to improve your marketing performance. The elements of email campaigns that you can test include subject lines, call-to-action, messaging, personalization, design, sender name, and the target audience.

Pay attention to the name on the “from” field because this may influence the recipients’ decision on whether to open an email. The main reason why subscribers open emails is the source.

Consider the HTML vs. plain text campaigns. You can test an email marketing campaign in form of plain text email and add the personalization element. Additionally, keep the messages brief and sweet although long emails may also work in certain situations. Test check to identify the appropriateness of short and long emails.

Another automated and easy way to test emails across different recipients is the span and design test. This can allow you to check the appearance of your email for both desktop and mobile clients, without the need to manage many clients on your own.

You can also test your email before sending it by checking for grammatical and spelling errors. Testing the email can give you an opportunity to identify any grammatical and spelling errors that may annoy clients. Conduct a simple test to check whether the images are properly displayed.

Testing text and font display may also help you to identify font issues that may require adjustment. Testing the emails can help to promote your brand image and create an exceptional subscriber experience.


Email marketing has proven to be an effective way to generate leads and build customer loyalty. Implementing the above strategies in your business can enable you to increase your customer base as a result of increased open rates and effective engagement. Since trends keep changing, test the relevance of various email marketing strategies to identify the best ones suitable for your business.

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