Hot on the heels of a series of entirely unannounced updates, Google has confirmed the rollout of a major spam-busting update earlier this month.  Specifically, November 3 saw the commencement of the algorithm update, which according to Google’s Danny Sullivan is the first of many such updates.

Mr Sullivan said in a recent Twitter post that Google’s intent is to accelerate its rollout of updates going forwards, most likely to the dismay and panic of the world’s SEO community.

“We have updates all the time. We’ll certainly have more spam updates, more core updates, likely more of other types. We also have been working to keep different update types launched separately from each other when we can, so creators have a better sense of changes,” he said.

“As part of our regular work to improve results, we’ve released a spam update to our systems. This November 2021 spam update should be fully rolled out within a week. We encourage sites to follow our best practices for Search.”

As is usually the case, Google did not provide any specific details about the nature or extent of this particular spam update. Which is more or less par for the course, as Google is continuously rolling out various types of spam updates, mostly with no fanfare whatsoever, it is therefore wise to ensure your chosen SEO Consultant keeps up to date with these latest changes and updates.

Google posted a link to its published Webmaster Guidelines, advising website owners and SEOs to continue following the rules accordingly.

The latest update will represent the fourth major spam-fighting update this year so far, which according to Google is successfully protecting its users from spam. In fact, the company made the impressive claim that its automated systems are now successfully eradicating spam from 99% of its search results and subsequent site visits.

Last year, Google claims to have blocked an extraordinary 25 billion spam web pages from being indexed every single day.

Google has made it clear that any SEO firm who abides by its published webmaster guidelines will have nothing to worry about whatsoever. If anything, they could see their sites climbing the rankings and gaining more traffic as more spam sites and pages are eradicated.

However, with no specific indications as to what the latest update entails, SEOs will once again be in the dark for the foreseeable future. The extent to which the update will impact rankings and traffic for online businesses remains to be seen.

Given the rest of the algorithm updates that have taken place over the past couple of months, it will be difficult to know which is having an effect on your rankings, should a difference in performance become apparent.

In a nutshell – follow all update-related guidance from Google and abide by their published Webmaster Guidelines at all times. Nothing we didn’t already know, but a reminder of the growing importance of avoiding black-hat SEO at all costs. If you notice large ranking or traffic changes from your organic Google search results, you may have been hit by this update. Spam updates target specific guideline violations. Google did not say if this was links, content or other forms of spam, but rather just said it is spam-related in general.

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