These days everyone is on Facebook. If you’re a small business, then you need to be on the platform. But creating a business page on Facebook is only the first step. You’ll still need to draw in customers and engage with them to convert views into sales.

Facebook video marketing is a great way to do this. A video is an excellent channel for getting and sustaining people’s attention. Combine that with Facebook’s 2.8 billion active users every month, and you have an effective means for growing a large audience. 

So, how do you get started? With this simple guide, you’ll be a Facebook video marketing pro in no time.

Why video marketing on Facebook?

There are so many things you can do when it comes to video marketing on Facebook.

You can use video in a variety of different ways and track the results using digital analytics tools.

On Facebook, you no longer need to conduct endless focus groups and surveys to identify your customers. You can create video ad campaigns for certain groups of people and target them based on their age, location, and personal interests. Facebook for Business also makes it easy to promote your small business using video, even if you’re a complete beginner.

In other words, you’d be missing out if you don’t leverage Facebook for your video marketing. Facebook videos can help you generate more sales than what you specified in your sales budget. They can help you grow your small business!

Check out the Facebook page for CVT Soft Serve below. The company consists of only one guy and his ice-cream truck. But look at how much he has done to promote his business. It appears to have had great results, too!

Source: CVT Soft Serve Facebook

You can have that as well. But there are still some tricks of the trade you should know. Let’s take a look at them.

6 Facebook video marketing tips

Facebook video marketing can yield results for your business but only if you do it right. Complement these tips with great content, an excellent product, and your small business will be on its way to success:

1. Directly upload video to Facebook

If you really want to build your brand using social media, then you need to get the basics of Facebook video right.

Choosing where to upload your video can be the difference between 10 views and a video that goes viral. Let me explain.

Most people know there are two ways to upload your videos to Facebook. You can either upload them to external platforms, like YouTube, then link them to Facebook. Or you can upload them directly to Facebook. You should always go with the second option.

Facebook video, after all, has an auto-play feature. In short, videos automatically start in user Facebook feeds, regardless of whether or not the user clicked on the play button.

So what, you ask? Well, that means a person who never intended to click on that play button—and never did—might still end up watching your video in full.

The more people who watch your video, the more potential customers for your business. 

2. Make your video as short as possible

Our attention spans are getting shorter and… Sorry, where was I?

Oh, right. Our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. So, it’s essential that you make your videos as short as possible. According to Facebook, nearly half a video’s value should be delivered in the first 3 seconds. Facebook goes on to recommend that you condense your message into the first 15 seconds or less. 

Even big brands have caught onto this.

For example, Pampers is now uploading 3-second videos to their Facebook page.

Source: Pampers Facebook

So, even if you have an amazing video idea, think about how long it will take to get your message across. If it’s too long, people won’t watch it to the end. 

3. Include all pertinent information

If you have less than 15 seconds, then only include the essential information.

That should be the information that leads to your desired goal, such as generating social media engagement or closing a sale.

So, take some time to think about your product or service. What do customers need to know? What is exciting about your brand? What information will make customers buy your product? Then, focus on the answers that you reach.

Let’s go back to our Pampers example (sure, Pampers is not a small business, but it still pays to learn from such brands). Notice that in their video, they include statistics to boost their credibility. You can include those in your videos, too. Customer testimonials are also great for getting people to take action.

If you’re still stuck for ideas, then look around for inspiration. Track what is making your competitors successful and consider using their methods. If they’re getting results from 10-second videos, then you should try using 10-second videos as well.

4. Add a call to action to your page (CTA)

So, let’s say a person finished watching your video. Now what?

You can’t just expect your audience to know what you want them to do afterward. You need a Call To Action (CTA) that specifies the next step. The CTA could be visiting your eCommerce website, signing up for a trial or shopping for products.

Take a look at the video for Pascquale Sciarappa’s cooking channel below. He’s a chef and has uploaded hundreds of cooking videos to his Facebook page.

The Facebook call to action button is below his video on the right-hand side. It tells viewers to ‘Support Now’. Anyone who clicks on the button will be directed to a page with bonus content in exchange for a subscription.

The CTA is visible even for the duration of his video, so people can feel free to click at their convenience.

Source: Pasquale Sciarappa Facebook

To add a call to action to a video post, upload your video, and the option will automatically appear below. But remember to keep your desired goal in mind when selecting the call to action. The text needs to be relevant to what you want someone to do.

5. Go live

Facebook live is becoming more and more popular as a video marketing tool.

You can host events, workshops, and talks with your audience in real-time. These add authenticity to your business, as people can see what you’re like without the editing.

Audience Q&A sessions are also a great idea, as they make your videos more engaging and interactive.

As an example, look at the Facebook live videos for Food Network Kitchen. They host live cooking sessions, where viewers ask questions as they are cooking. It seems to be working.

Some of their live videos have over 1 million views.

Source: Food Network Kitchen Facebook

Also, Facebook live videos are a great way to inform customers of updates or product launches. It’s a great way to draw big audiences as they feel like they’re getting exclusive treatment and bonuses.

But make sure you inform your followers that exclusive news is coming before you go live as this will build hype and draw in a much bigger live audience.

6. Create and run Facebook ad campaigns

Are you not getting enough views and conversions from organic traffic? Then you may want to start a Facebook ad campaign.

It will help you reach a more specific audience that is more likely to turn into a paying customer. The good news is, it’s affordable, too. Videos have the lowest cost per click when compared to other ad formats.

Create some sponsored video posts so they can be featured across Facebook. Using the dashboard below, target people based on their age, location, and interests. There are plenty more options, and you can narrow them down as much as you like.

Source: Facebook for Business

Just make sure you base your target audience on your small business. So, if you run a small spa for women, your ad should target women.

You’ll be able to see if you’re paying for a specific or broad campaign. You’ll also have a rough estimate of how many people your campaign will potentially reach.

When your Facebook ad campaign is running, you can also follow the progress and spend via an online dashboard.

Facebook does make it as easy as pie—and everybody loves pie!

Wrapping Up

Facebook video marketing can take your small business to the next level. Even a quick vlog about a new product can engage your audience. The result? You increase your chances for sales. 

Remember to experiment. What works for one business may not work for another. Use Facebook analytics tools to find out what works for you.

Your videos don’t have to be big and expensive, but you do need to plan in advance. If you put the time into researching your message and audience, you’ll see results in no time!

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