Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I use FWS to submit my website to search engines and directories?

Located at the bottom of the homepage is a free autosubmitter which will submit your website to 15 popular search engines in about 15 seconds. All you have to do is add your URL in the URL box, your Email address in the Email address box, read the terms of use and check the box (if you agree to them, of course) and click submit. You can also click on any of the search engine links listed on FWS, to submit your site manually.

2. Why haven't received my verification email from the autosubmitter?

The verification email is being blocked by your email filter or your ISP's email filter. To receive the verification email add submit[at] to your email account's approved senders list and then resubmit.

3. Are all the search engines and directories listed on FWS free?

Yes. We only list search engines and directories that offer free web site listings.

4. Why isn't Ask, Lycos and other notable search engines listed in your top 50 search engine list?

Ask and Lycos do not offer free web site listings. That is why they are not listed.

5. Why is a top 50 search engine list important?

Knowing which search engines and directories get searches will help get your web site found.

6. I submitted my web site using your autosubmitter and there was a submission failure. What went wrong?

Submission failures generally happen for 2 reasons:

a.) The search engine was currently too busy to accept your submission
b.) The search engine was not currently accepting submissions

Generally you can wait these problems out. Just resubmit your site to the search engine that failed the next day.

7. How do I add a FWS link to my website?

Go to our link page and find a button or banner you like. Highlight the code next to the button or banner with your mouse, then press Ctrl + C to create a copy. Open your web page using an html editor or even a text editor such as Notepad. Find a spot on your web page where you would like to add the link then press Ctrl + V to paste the copied code. Save the changes, then upload the saved html file to your server and you're done.

8. I noticed a mistake in my URL after I submitted it. How can I correct the mistake?

A search engine can't index an incorrect URL. All you need to do is resubmit your web site with the correct URL.

9. How often should I resubmit my website?

No more than once a month.

10. Are FFA sites listed on FWS?

No. In our opinion submitting to them is a waste of time.

11. How long will it take for my web site to get listed in the search engines after it has been submitted?

Depends on the search engine. It can take anywhere from one day to a couple months.